‘Mahalaya’ on it’s way to the 9th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival

May 16, 2019

Bengali Movie

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Mahalaya‘, the Bengali period drama is based on the legacy of the legendary radio show, “Mohishashur Mordini”. This show was originally started by the Bengali radio station “Akashvani”. Till now, it’s a tradition to play this program in Kolkata in the early morning of Mahalaya, every single year.

Soumik Sen kicked off his carrier as a Bengali Movie director with ‘Mahalaya’. In fact, it looks like Soumik has already become a winner. On the other hand, the production has been done by Mr. Prosenjit Chatterjee. Also, he is one of the most powerful actors in the whole Bengali movie industry. After hitting the theaters in March, Mahalaya has received quite a very positive response from the viewers. Mahalaya has been named, an official selection at the 9th Dada Shaheb Phalke Film Festival. You can watch the latest movies online which are released on the ott platform by using your smartphone.

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The story takes the viewers back to 1976 when ‘Akashvani’ was ready to replace the legendary voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra with the voice of Uttam Kumar. Uttam Kumar (also known as ‘Mahanayak’) was the most popular actor in the Bengali film industry at that time.  However, the public wasn’t in favor of this decision which resulted in a massive outrage across the city. In the end, ‘Akashvani’ had to step down from their decision & retain Birendra Krishna Bhadra as the voice of “Mohishashur Mordini”.Nowadays the latest Technology updates help you find your favorite movie updates in your android apps.

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dra Krisna Bhadra) & Jishu Sengupta (as Uttam Kumar) have rugged their excellent acting skills in ‘Mahalaya’ which alongside the amazingly written script by Soumik Sen, makes the movie one of a kind & a delight to the audience. This selection adds a new milestone to its success. A much-deserved one. This movie is recommended for all the interesting movie scripts communities in the world.

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